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    ne kackidee, weil sich dann 90% des forums verstellen würde :O

    Ich würde es zwar anders formulieren, aber bin der selben Meinung.

    Was ist der Zweck dieser Idee ?


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    NO I COULDNT READ YOUR POSTS in German. My cousin is her by me and he is tranlating that shit.

    Wollen you get a german Bratwurst ? I kann send you by post, if you like... It is very lecker and a german Spezialität.

    By the way, I am born in russia, live here since 10 years here and if you want I can tell you more about germany and myself. I am a very famous person here and everybody know me, so you should level at me. I will protect you and show you the beautiful sides of germany. Like beautiful girls for example which like english mens. They are very gastfreundlich and can help you.....

    So, be welcome in our family brother and "my" country. Ich think german will be soon a part of russia, because of my friendly international cooperation.

    Are you in germany or wollen you visit germany ? What is the reason for your posting ?